The Challenge

WFAI's had been using a proprietary web system for radio stations that was very expensive and required a multi-year contract. The WYSIWYG editor the site used often led to broken HTML that displayed poorly.

A general purpose CMS wasn't a good fit since they didn't have staff with HTML/CSS expertise.

WFAI needed a system that handled their core requirements of posting banners ads about music, showcasing their radio show hosts, and providing community information, but was easy enough to use that DJ's could maintain it.

Our Contribution

Development Leverage built a site which allowed DJ's to quickly post banners, articles, or audio interviews and control layout on the home page. The site also maintained a schedule of hosts and allowed each to have a custom page about their show.

The solution linked to the Internet stream of the station, included a listeners club, and a community events calendar.

Technologies: Rails 3.2, Cloud Hosted on Digital Ocean, Bootstrap, ActiveAdmin, HAML, Devise, RSpec, FactoryGirl, PostgreSQL