The fastest way to get things done is to be really clear about what is needed before you build it. The best way to achieve this is through conversation and visualization. At Development Leverage, we believe strongly in Design by Sketch. A picture is worth a 1000 words. A picture that both the developer and the business understand the same way is worth even more. At Development Leverage, a shared understanding based on quick sketches, not fancy mockups, is the foundation.

Iterative Development

The best way to build software is in discrete, usable parts. Regardless of which pieces go live when, decomposing the project into concrete, testable parts provides substantial benefits.

Maximize Your Bottom Line

While a software project is under development, your business isn't earning revenue and is paying engineering costs. At Development Leverage, we believe in the tools and open source packages that get projects done fast. You get the business benefits soonest and minimize your development spend. This may result in a more hardware intensive solution, but you can mitigate that with low-cost commodity hardware and subsequent optimization.

Quality Reduces Cost

A team that develops functionality without corresponding automated tests can move fast initially, but quickly loses velocity because each release takes more and more testing time and they have to deal with unplanned outages. Using Behavior Driven Development, Development Leverage creates tests in parallel with new functionality and is able sustain high productivity by maintaining the manual testing effort at low, sustainable values and avoiding project impacts due to team members being pulled off new functionality to handle outages.