Private Investor

The Challenge

A private investor had been been approached by a company with an interesting business idea and an initial version of the product. The investor found the idea intriguing, but he didn't have the technical skills to evaluate the completeness of the initial release or what would be required to bring the idea to market.

The information provided as a result of your timely, thorough, objective analysis proved invaluable as the basis for a sound investment decision. Not only did I benefit financially, but the peace of mind I have from knowing I made the right decision is beyond measure. I would not consider a similar investment opportunity without first utilizing your services.-- Paul M.

Our Contribution

Development Leverage rapidly reviewed the state of the company and product. We clarified the market opportunities the business was pursuing and assessed the technical complexity and feasibility of solving them in the way envisioned by the company.

Our analysis included an assessment of the maturity of the initial product, it's fit to the business problem, the state of the company, and the completeness of the technical team.

Our examination revealed material information that differed from the investor's initial understanding and they decided not to invest.