How I Work

The Challenge

As a programmer, you are inundated with new tools, techniques, and products. Some of these would make a big difference in your productivity, but it takes too long to really understand all the new options and figure out which ones to adopt.

How I Work allows you easily find and watch screencasts of other developers using these tools to see how they work in the hands of someone who knows them well. If you like what you see, How I Work makes it easy for you to get everything setup locally by providing links directly to the right versions of the tools you've just watched.

Our Contribution

We came up with the idea for How I Work while at a Technical conference in San Francisco. We designed, built, tested and launched the site over the following two months. The launch was successful -- attracting over 1700 people who watched 2800 screencasts in the first week and garnering lots of positive feedback. Over the next two months, usage climbed into the tens of thousands of visitors.

By fully integrating Twitter and Facebook for login and sharing, How I Work leveraged social media to accelerate adoption and build a membership base of developers interested in staying on top of new tools and information.

Technologies: Rails3, JQuery, HAML, Compass, SASS, Devise, Disqus, MySQL

Partners: onehouse