The Challenge

Influencer Marketing is a large and rapidly growing segment in Advertising. Fullbottle helps major Brands partner with Creators to promote products and services on Social Networks like Instagram and Facebook.

Fullbottle saw an opportunity to facilitate Brands connecting with Creators through a marketplace rather than one on one negotiation.

Brands post Projects, and Creators bid to participate. Compensation is based on the actual engagement Creators are able to generate.

Our Contribution

Collaborating with executives, we designed, developed and launched the marketplace. Key components included the Agent interface where Brands review and decide on bids, real time interfaces to Social Networks for collecting engagement statistics, and the entire accounting and billing system.

Bringing Development Leverage into the project allowed Fullbottle to quickly launch a revolutionary approach to Influencer Marketing. They replaced the traditionally slow negotiation between Brands and Creators with a rapid bid/approve/pay process based on real engagement.

This differentiated them v.s. competitors and led to significant wins with global Brands.

Technologies: Rails 4.2, Cloud hosted on Heroku & AWS, Facebook & Instagram integration, jQuery, HAML, Devise, RSpec, & Postgres.