Better Me

The Challenge

BetterMe was a platform that allowed anyone to give or receive feedback about anyone else. While preserving anonymity, BetterMe's site also allowed interaction between the giver and receiver so that questions could be answered and clarifications provided.

As their user base grew, BetterMe needed enhanced Contact Management, better control of their mailing lists, and management reporting.

Our Contribution

Development Leverage developed an Address Book that utilized JavaScript and AJAX to provide a responsive and easy to use interface.

Behind the scenes, new users and user profile changes were kept in sync with the marketing database on MailChimp automatically.

Development Leverage also created a reporting system that allows complex management reports to be run offline and mailed out as Excel files when they complete.

Technologies: Rails 2.3.5, JQuery, MySQL, MailChimp, Hominid, Whenever

Partners: onehouse